2012 Honda ST1300 ABS™

ST1300 ABS™

Warranty thru 02/19

The Best of Both Worlds Sport-touring bikes have to do double-duty, and do both well. The Honda ST1300 is proof that if you start out with the world’s ultimate touring bike and the world’s best sportbikes, you can create something magical. One part long-distance hauler, one part canyon-carving ace, ST1300 combines Gold Wing®-inspired luxury with CBR®-derived performance. Its wind-tunnel-honed bodywork and hard saddlebags perfectly complement a powerful V-4 engine, shaft drive, a race-bred chassis, and ABS. The result? A bike that’s equally at home swallowing up miles of blacktop as it is dicing through the twistiest of alpine passes. And all without ever breaking a sweat.

  1.  Amber Whelen ION lane splitting lights wired to high beam and horn
  2.  Gerbing Panel mounted dual controller "control your's and your passenger's jacket"
  3.  Oxford heated grips and controller
  4. HID Headlamps "Come on with horn"
  5. Whelen LINZ6 thurd brake light "User selectable flash patterns"
  6. SAE Accessory outlet 12v
  7. Genius Smart Maintainer port
  8. New Tires
  9. Prewired 12v power for Valentine 1 Radar/Lidar Detector
  10. Extra keys-multiple
  11. Sergeant Custom Seat
  12. Factory Tech Manual
  13. Throttlemeister throttle lock
  14. ASV Levers & Factory levers